Digital Detoxes in 2020. Here are our tips to get offline and truly recharge


Modern inventions offer a lot of benefits to the users. However, everything comes with a price, and there’s a hefty one involved with the extreme dependence on smartphones and social media. Our lives revolve around our smartphones. It’d be a wonder if people from the younger generation spend even a few hours without their phones in close proximity. People are practically addicted to their smartphones and it has become a huge distraction from actual tasks.

Most people feel incomplete without their smartphones and only leave the accessory when going to sleep. Even when people are not using their phones, they tend to check their computers and tablets and hence are still enthralled by the digital world.

Such heavy use of these devices is not good for mental health and the use of these devices needs to be moderated for mental peace and tranquility. You cannot fully focus on real life if more than half of your time is spent in the digital world. You cannot fully cut yourself from these devices as these are an essential part of our work routine.

However, a little detox every now and then can do wonders for mental and physical health and bring you closer to reality. Since people are almost addicted to cell phones, it’s not a good idea to drop yours right now and expect to suddenly feel better. The detox process has to be slow and steady for a better impact.

#1 Delete Five Apps From Your Phone

Apps are the essence of a smartphone and one of the main reasons why you are always hooked to your phone. Delete five apps from your phone to start your digital detox. All five of these don’t necessarily have to be your most used apps. Delete at least two of your most used smartphone applications, and three that you don’t use as frequently as the other two.

This will help you get a taste of how your detox days are going to be, without making the change too abrupt. You’ll have the urge to check the apps regularly, but stay strong and do not cave into this desire or you’ll be swept back into the digital world without any cleansing.

#2 Turn Off Notifications

Our lives revolve around the pings and pop-ups brought to us by the social media notifications from different apps. We are forever trapped between the pop-ups from all these social media giants. To truly take a break from the digital media, turn off the notifications on the apps. You can leave the notifications on for important email accounts or text messages, but for other social media, turn off the notification bells as well as the pop-ups to keep yourself from being distracted every five minutes.

Muting the phone will help you manage your priorities better.

#3 Organize Your Data

Instead of turning to an online app every time you need to access a photograph or a document, organize the data on your phone into separate folders so you can have seamless and easy access to each and everything required. Going to an app would lead to a lot of distractions and you’ll end up wasting time.

Spending five minutes on an app randomly may not seem like much, but taking time out like this frequently adds up to a huge part of your day. To avoid this much interaction with your phone, keep the files organized for easy access so your digital detox can actually work.

#4 Keep Your Sleep Cycle Intact

Oftentimes, people check their phones in the middle of the night if they accidentally wake up. Even if it’s just a peep at the phone screen to check the time, it still affects the mind and disturbs the sleep cycle. Checking your phone right before going to bed also tricks the mind into thinking that you need to stay alert. This can lead to a disturbed sleep cycle and a feeling of weariness despite a full night’s sleep.

By focusing on sleeping instead of checking your phone after switching off the lights. When you plan to sleep, the smartphone should take a backseat.

#5 Clear Out Storage Space

According to surveys, a huge percentage of people fail to take a picture of a memorable moment due to lack of storage space in their cell phones. Our phones are overflowing with random screenshots, downloaded images, voice notes, comic videos and heavy games. This can also lead to a slow acting cell phone.

Own your phone and delete all the junk data from it and give it some breathing space as well. Removing unwanted data will keep your phone clutter free and you won’t be distracted by tons of random images and videos every time your browse through your phone’s gallery looking for something important.

#6 Minimalist Home Screen

Your phone’s home screen shouldn’t look like the actual menu. Keep only the call, text and mail apps on your home screen. Do not keep all the social media and shopping apps on the main screen, as a cluttered home screen makes the mind cluttered as well. For a true digital detox, keep as little apps handy as you can.

Removing apps from home screen will them a little less accessible to you and will help you avoid using them as much. You’ll notice improvement in your overall mood as well owing to a cleaner, calmer home screen.

Technological revolution has made life really easy for us, and gadgets like tablets and cell phones have helped in ensuring that you can socialize, shop, check the news and order food all the same time. However, this huge dependence on smartphones is contributing to serious mental and physical health problems.

Digital detox will help you keep your use of these gadgets in check and to avoid straining your eyes and mind. By opting for digital detox every once in a while, you’ll be better able to retain your energy and focus it on something other than your smartphone. Some time away from your phone will allow you to feel relaxed and start afresh. By following the above suggestions and incorporating them in your life, you can slowly program yourself to be less dependent on the digital world and be a more active participant in the real one.


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