10 Amazing Benefits of Regular Massages


There are some amazing benefits in getting a massage regularly. What are they? We list the top 10.

Booking yourself into receiving regular bodily messages does not seem like a challenge, they feel great! Although, many people do not achieve this. Life, work, children and commitments are constantly getting in the way of us achieving complete wellbeing and happiness. We tend to forget that by putting our bodies first we are in fact setting ourselves up to feel happier, healthier and in a better position to deal with daily life stressors. Incorporating regular massages into your life is a great idea for ultimate health and listed below are the ten most noteworthy benefits of doing so.

1 – Reducing Stress:

Stress is something that we will arise throughout our lives in many ways and on many levels. Being well equipped and able to deal with this is a fantastic tool in avoiding the negative connotations that come with stress. Most of the time, the effects of stress are underestimated, and many people do not even link their illness or unease to the basic idea of being stressed. Regular massages reduce the effects of stress on both mind and body and promotes relaxation and calmness. Massages promote the release of endorphins, which is a feel-good hormone, while also reducing negative stress promoting hormones, norepinephrine, adrenaline and cortisol.

2 – Reduces Pain in Muscles and Joints:

Most of us encounter niggling aches and pains frequently. Everyday work, family and exercise puts pressure on our bodies. Regular good quality massages help to release tension build up in trigger points, gives you a really good stretch and encourages blood flow to tissues and sets you up to be able to release these easily and with limited to no pain. The therapist will likely work on a weak or tight spot within your body, which will release any build up of toxins, while feeding oxygen to stressed cells.

3 – Boosts the Immune System:

Regular massage has been proven to increase the level of white blood cells present within the body. These cells are the ones that fight disease and protect the body against virus and disease. Massage also helps to increase and improve lymphatic drainage, which is also a vital character in the improvement of the immune systems functioning.

4 – Improved Posture:

A big focus when it comes to massage is the neck and shoulders. By receiving regular massages, your muscles become lengthened in these commonly tight places, helping us to remain upright and with correct posture. Bad posture can lead to many ailments and discomfort. Staying on top of the health and agility of these muscles is important in avoiding headaches, shortened muscles and bad posture. This also goes for the lower back.

5 – Rectifying Issues within the Body:

Some of us have put up with issues and pains within the body for years. Regular massage sessions can correct these ongoing problems within the body. Massage therapists are trained to do just that, and sessions are designed to identify an issue, work out a plan to treat the issue and then treat the issue. Regular massages also do more than fix muscle aches, they also improve circulation and bring a heightened sense of overall personal wellbeing.

6 – Lowers Blood Pressure and Heart Health:

Different types of massage will bring about different reactions to organs within the body. It could even be a good idea to mix up the type of regular massage you receive to benefit an array of organs. For example, deep tissue massage helps to decrease blood pressure and heart rate. Whereas trigger point massage therapy releases a pain response, which increases heart rate and pressure, and Swedish massage decreases it. Both are beneficial for different reasons and in different ways, depending on what your body currently needs. All types of massage will stabalise variability in the heart rate by decreasing levels of stress.

7 – Benefits Patients of Arthritis:

Arthritis is a very common illness with more then 31 million people suffering from the condition in America alone. Regular massage helps to loosed joints and ease discomfort and inflammation caused by arthritis. Studies have been conducted to confirm such results, with the results confirming regular massage to positively affect an array of conditions that come with having arthritis.

8 – Helps with Insomnia:

Regular massages help to increase the stages 3 and 4 of sleep, which are the deepest and most important stages when sleeping. Within these stages of sleep, the body repairs itself and helps assist and engage the immune system. These are very important for the health and wellbeing of the body and gives us the best platform to wake up and tackle the challenges of each day.

9 – Improved Circulation:

Regular massage improves blood circulation throughout the body. While the therapist pushes, squeezes and pulls on your body, lactic acid is flushed from the muscles and the circulation of lymph fluid is greatly improved. Lymph fluid carries waste away from organs and muscles.

10 – Improves Skin Tone:

Massage reduces tension in the skin. It also improves the nutrition in the skins cells as well as circulation in the skin. Regular massage can soften and moisturize dry skin and encourage skin cell regeneration.


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