10 Wellness tips for the workplace that can change how you feel at work


More often than not, the workplace is where many of us spend the majority of our time. Making sure that the environment is a healthy and beneficial one should be at the forefront of employers and employees minds when looking to make decisions and changes regarding the workspace. Making sure that the workplace is beneficial to a variety of people is the tricky part of keeping the level of wellness at a high level, as individuals idea of what makes them feel happy and healthy can vary greatly. There are many ways to ensure that the workplace is valuable to our overall wellness. Below is a list of ten of the ways to ensure a safe and happy workplace.


Looking for a job with fitness perks could be the answer for your overall workplace happiness. A study conducted on 5,000 employed workers concluded that seventy percent of those studied would love to have fitness benefits included in their workplace package. With many jobs having huge commitment requirements, study participants explained that they not only did not have enough time to workout efficiently, they were also too tired from their long workday. With today’s generation highly focused on health and fitness, it is no wonder that so many people believe that it is their employers’ responsibility to ensure their physical health and fitness.


Unshackling yourself to the office chair is a great way to beat the office stress and blues. Habits that can be picked up by sitting at a desk can cause problems with the neck, shoulders and lower back. It is said that every sixty minutes you should get up from your desk and complete a variety of stretches. Exercises that you should complete during these stretching periods include; Triceps stretches, Overhead reach, or latissimus stretch,  Torso stretch or trunk rotation, Torso stretch, Hip and knee flexion stretch and Hamstring stretches.

pilates versus yoga

Make the Office full of Light:

The lighting in the room can play a major role in the wellness levels of those within the office. Keeping the office space light and airy is an easy and effective way of ensuring a lightness in attitude and general feelings of wellbeing. In this respect, the colour of your walls can also play a part in office happiness. It is said that the wall colour of subdued green is supposed to boost moods and morale.


Putting a couple of plants within your office is proven to help prevent slumps in energy and low feelings whilst at work. Nature provides the brain with an increase in its ability to be creative and inspired. Surrounding yourself with the beauty of nature is also meant to deter feelings of depression and anxiety and will keep you feeling fresher and more in tune to the task at hand.


Aromatherapy is a well known and age-less wellness technique. So, it comes as no surprise that it makes it to the list of wellness tips for the workplace. Using aromas to boost mood or ease anxiety is a very healthy way to keep you grounded or to lift your workplace spirits. Aromatherapy has also been linked to improving memory and concentration. A scent such as lemon can keep the mind fresh and focused, avoiding feelings of boredom and irritability. Essential oil diffusers are the best, most natural way to experience the benefits of aroma therapy.

Avoid negativity:

Most workplace environments have the tendency to spark and engage in negative and unnecessary drama and gossip. This kind of behaviour very rarely ends well and can leave you feeling flat and anxious. Do whatever you can to avoid negative office gossip and politics and routinely establish exactly what you are at work to do, which is work. Do not let external negative emotions overtake your mindful dedication and responsibility to the positive flow of the office.


Take the time to declutter your desk and office space. There is nothing more confusing and stressful for the brain then clutter and not being able to find exactly what it is you are looking for. Remember the phrase “a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind”, and work on refreshing your space and mind. Doing so will most definitely put you on the path to a heightened sense of wellness when in this space.

Do not eat at your desk:

Use your lunch break wisely. Getting up and removing yourself from your desk and office to eat is a very effective workplace wellness technique.  Lunch should be strictly for eating and socialising. Set up a lunchtime destination that makes you feel relaxed and happy, share this experience with others, and truly have a break. You will return to your desk happier and more focused then ever. It will also break up your day, giving you a little midday treat each day.

Value yourself and what you do:

It is so important to value what you do each and every day. Sometimes we can get so caught up in what people in senior positions think of our work, that we forget to be proud and happy for ourselves and what we have accomplished. A big part of wellness is being able to step back and see exactly how far we have come and how many milestones we have overcome. Working hard deserves our attention, do not be afraid to give yourself a big pat on the back.

Start your day right:

When you wake up each morning, grab your favorite warm beverage and sit and mentally prepare your day ahead. Think of what needs to be done, how these tasks are going to be completed, and whether or not you have the time to complete them. Think about the amount of pressure you are putting on yourself and how you are going to combat feelings of anxiousness or exhaustion. The morning is such a special and important time for oneself to set up the day ahead. Use this time to be prepared and ready to tackle the big day ahead.


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