20 Way To Make Yourself Happier Right Now


Being in a state of continued happiness and health would have to be the most common desire for people worldwide. Unfortunately, life comes with stressors, annoyances and grievances that all effect our ability to stay positive and happy. These stressors greatly interfere with our health. Below is a list of twenty tips that will make you happier pretty much immediately.

1 – Meditate:

There is a good reason that many people incorporate meditation into their daily lives. It helps to settle, refresh and focus the mind. It has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression, while also strengthening emotional control and mental clarity.

2 – Go for a walk amongst nature:

It has been proven through many studies that getting outside and going for a walk amongst nature reduces negative thought patterns. Also, when walking amongst nature, the subgenual prefrontal cortex, responsible for mood disorders and negative thoughts, exhibits less activity.

3 – Write down how you feel:

Acknowledging your negative thoughts through written text helps you to understand why you are feeling that emotion. By doing so, you are taking weight off the brain and giving yourself an opportunity to work through such feelings.

4 – Volunteer:

Doing something for others is a fantastic way to spike your mood. Giving your time to others who are often in worse positions then ourselves is great for psychological health.

5 – Spend time with close friends:

It comes as no surprise that spending time with the people that know you best will help lift your low spirits into high ones. Friends are supportive, caring and fun. Make time for them as much as you possibly can.

6 – Be Optimistic but also realistic:

Maintaining an optimistic but realistic point of view can be quite the challenge. Being able to channel your positive wants and wishes with how attainable they are, makes a happier and more successful person.

7 – Exercise:

Exercising is the perfect way to exert any build up of negative energy. Exercise also releases all of the feel-good hormones in the brain. It is said that after a decent work-out, you can expect to feel happy or good for up to twelve hours afterwards!

gym workout time

8 – Increase the amount of smiling that you do:

The simple act of smiling can indeed make you feel happy. Genuinely smiling can “trick” your brain into feeling happy. Start smiling and feel the positive effects.

9 – Get the right amount of sleep for you:

Getting adequate sleep is essential in maintaining healthy brain function and emotional wellbeing. Usually 7 to 8 hours is the normal amount of sleep needed for a healthy, active adult.

10 – Watch what you eat:

Interestingly, what you eat can play a major role in your general happiness. Different foods can encourage different moods and feelings. For example, deep fried foods will generally leave you feeling down and out, while fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains are known to stabalise your moods and leave you feeling happy and satisfied.

11 – Take a few deep breaths:

Taking a few deep, long breaths to calm yourself down is the body’s natural instinct to relieve stress. It may be simple, but it should not be underestimated. Breathing deeply will calm down your respiratory system and help you to return to a more present, measured state. Counting to five with each inhale and exhale can help to make sure you are breathing correctly.

12 – Have a serious break from your phone:

In today’s society, our phones are literally attached to our hands. Our lives are displayed, while we look on desperately at the lives of others. We are always contactable and available. This is stressful and time consuming. Put down your phone and pick up a book, or a craft. Let your mind explore and manifest happiness.

13 – Be grateful for all that you have:

Acknowledge all of the good things that you have in your life and be genuinely grateful for them. Whether this be pets, family members, friends, or your home, appreciate what life has offered you. Doing this will actually give you a big mood boost, while also helping you to work out what is important to you and the things that you value.

14 – Take a moment to remember the bad times:

Acknowledging the challenges that you have successfully overcome can help you to become happier. Life will through many challenges at you, being able to confidently deal with them can lead you to a better mental place, knowing that no matter what life throws at you, you can deal.

15 – Cook yourself your absolute favorite meal:

Making a really special meal for yourself is a very sweet thing to do for yourself. Make it your favorite meal and spend time and effort on it. Have fun with it, cook and sing and experiment. Cooking is a great way to boost your mood, while also giving an immediate result.

16 – Sing:

Feeling a little low? Sing out loud to your favorite band or playlist. Studies have suggested that singing out loud actually changes the way your brain works. It will boost your happiness levels and can even deter states of depression.

17 – Start a project or new hobby:

Getting involved in a new project or hobby can keep an idle mind active. Fixing things or creating new things is great for mind health. Starting something new also keeps the mind healthy by establishing hope for the future.

18 – Plan a trip:

Getting away from the daily grind is a great way to refresh and take control of your mental health. Planning a trip is such an exciting thing to do. It doesn’t matter where it is or if you can’t take the trip until next year, planning a get away is so good for happiness levels.

19 – Hang out with an animal:

Animals are such wonderful companions and are really great for boosting moods. Whether it be a cat, dog, horse, cow or bird, spend some time with them. They really are a great way to feel happy and are the best kind of low maintenance friend. They don’t mind if you’re in a bad mood and you don’t even have to speak to them.

20 – Clean your house:

Having a fresh, clean surrounding can positively contribute to your mental health. A clean space will help you to fully relax in your home. Clutter can cause stress and anxiety. Clear it away and freshen up the place you spend most of your time as well as your mind.


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