5 Apps to Use to Stop Stress and Avoid Burnout


We have all heard about the term “burnout”. Whether it has been a personal experience, or the experience of a family member of friend, workplace burnout is a state that can hit anyone.

Being aware of your triggers, stressors and sensitivities is a good way to avoid burning out and there are now fantastic apps to help you to distinguish these states and address the way that they are making you feel, hopefully avoiding them all together.

Keeping your mental health strong is so beneficial in ensuring that you reach your long- and short-term goals and give your career the best possible shot that you can. Below is a list of five of the best apps to help you to avoid burnout and to stay on top of your mental wellbeing.


Headspace is a free app that is great for people who are just starting out on the meditation and mindfulness train. It was one of the first guided meditation apps to be designed and uses soothing voices and graphic illustrations to help you to get used to the idea of meditation.

It is a very popular app as it is designed with the idea that meditation should be accessible to everyone and guides the listener through stages of contemplation with basic guided meditation. This will teach you the basics of meditation and the purpose and outcomes of practicing mindfulness daily.

Personal Zen:

Personal Zen is also free and focuses on the shifting of negative attention into a more positive state. Clinical studies have been carried out to support the fundamental idea of the app, meaning that is has been proven with evidence of its effectiveness. This app reduces feelings of anxiety and stress through the use of a game-like activity.

It ensures stress-reduction by playing this game a couple of times a week. This is due to Attention-Bias Modification Training (ABMT), which suggests that by avoiding a negative stimulus, in this apps instance, an angry face, you are training your brain to avoid negative emotions and to focus on positive and non-threating scenarios.


Calm is a free app that sets out to do just that, calm you. It offers an area of soothing and helpful elements that can assist with all manner of undesirable emotions or states. It is a great app for those who have trouble getting to sleep, as it contains soothing sounds and sleep stories to help ease you off to the land of dreams.

This app also offers mindful movement lessons, nature scenes and sounds, meditation techniques, relaxing music and masterclasses on many ways to reduce stress and increase sleep quality. Calm was named the 2017 iPhone app of the year.

Urban Mind:

Urban Mind is an app that helps you to understand how specific environments affect your mental state. It is an assessment tool that requires you to enter where you are and how you are feeling at a specific time each day. The app will then distinguish where you are feeling stressed or anxious, happy or sad and how specific environments can enrage or diminish certain feelings.

The app does so through the use of questions, such as where you are, what you can see, what you are doing, are you surrounded by nature, and how you are feeling mentally. It aims to establish a starting point of how you are generally feeling daily. You will receive a detailed individual report after two weeks.


MindFi is the perfect app for those people who cannot sit still for very long. It is designed to keep the mind focused and present on its current task and has been proven to increase productivity. The creator of this app has said that he created the app for busy people.

When you are constantly on the run and on the go, it is easy to forget about your mental health and to incorporate mindfulness into your day. This app makes meditation and reflection easy for busy people as the app is a selection of short mindful exercises, covering many stressful scenarios within the workplace setting.

It gives you a moment to breath amongst a hectic, full on schedule.

Whether you are trying to remain calm in stressful situations, have too much on your plate or have simply been neglecting your mental health for the sake of work, download one (or all) of these apps. Having this level of support so readily available is a fantastic way for busy people to keep on top of their mental health and to avoid burning out.

It is also a great way to stop and resort to the present moment and to maintain productivity and creativity.


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