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We’ve all been there... you wake bright and breezy, ready to take on the day but back pain stops you in your tracks. Out of the blue, you are suffering the misery of stabbing pains, dull aches and relentless discomfort. Work ? Forget it! Your favorite leisure activities or sports?

Not going to happen.

Even driving your car or walking anywhere are out of the question... If this scenario looks familiar, you are not alone. In fact, 31 million people in the US suffer from back pain and sciatica and it accounts for millions of dollars lost through work days missed. As well as these disastrous effects on the economy, on a personal level back troubles are notoriously disruptive to everyday life. No playing with your kids or grandkids, no rewarding activities like gardening or swimming. All you can bear to do if it strikes is rest on your couch (if you can reach it, that is!) or just staying in bed and giving up on the day altogether. What’s more, it would take the patience of a saint not to complain and moan about your pain and discomfort... so your family are probably suffering along with you.

If you can actually make it to the doctor’s office, what do you find there? Certainly not an effective, permanent solution to your woes. No, just the usual advice to take it easy and rest, use a firm mattress, keep swallowing those prescribed painkillers.

You may even be told that expensive surgery or at least painful steroid injections are the only option if you want to put an end to your back pain once and for all. Never mind that the pills cause chronic constipation and all sorts of other delightful side effects and you just can’t afford a brand new orthopedic mattress, let alone cope with the cost and loss of income which goes hand in hand with that painful surgical procedure.

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- The true nature of sciatica and lower back pain. Why it's so common, and what these pains are trying to communicate to your body.

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This system is guaranteed to work, unlike conventional advice, which, let’s face it hasn’t exactly had stellar success! And now, you too can discover the key to ridding yourself of back pain

So why are we doing this? This is our way of introducing you to our Back Pain community. We know that as you make positive changes and begin to feel better, you’ll be reminded that you’re on your way to achieving your back pain and health goals and you’ll want to join our community of like-minded people who are also on the path to looking and feeling great. So that’s why…

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