Depression. What are the signs people don’t usually talk about?


Are you suffering from depression? Some not so obvious signs

Not a long time ago, it was considered taboo to discuss depression and other mental illnesses. With the passage of time, we are growing as a society and people are acknowledging the mental illnesses that are creeping up on our loved ones. People sometimes suffer from depression for years without even realizing that they are dealing with a mental health issue.

Oftentimes, depression is confused with mere sadness, and those suffering from it feel embarrassed to have let their sadness affect their mental state. What’s important to note is that depression is nothing to be ashamed of, and just ‘manning up’ is not going to address this issue. Just like you need proper care and assistance of a health professional when suffering from fever, depression also calls for serious attention.

In order to address your depression, you first need to realize and accept that you have it. Just like any other disease, proper diagnosis is important in case of depression.

The warning signs of depression are not too hard to locate, and one should be aware if facing any such thing to timely diagnose depression and seek help from a psychologist or psychiatrist accordingly.

Though the signs of depression are not necessarily the same for everyone, some of the common signs can be used to identify that you need help, and you can take the matter further to a health care specialist to get a formal diagnosis. Some common signs are penned here.

Low Energy Levels

Those suffering from depression often feel unenthusiastic, even when it comes to activities that they previously used to enjoy. If you are finding it harder to maintain your energy levels despite no change in your diet, and are always looking for ways to get out of activities that you used to love, it might be a sign that you are going down the spiral.

If you were previously an extrovert or a generally out going person, and are now always reclusive, you should talk to a friend or go visit a psych specialist to get timely help so that you can be on the path to recovery before you are in too deep.

Lashing Out for No Reason

Depression can express itself in the form of constant irritability. When you feel like you are not in control of your life, you may get a little aggressive and lash out on your colleagues, friends and family on seemingly petty matters. It is easy to lash out on people and push them away when you are feeling down, but that will not address your actual concerns.

If this is becoming a newly acquired habit for you, you might be suffering from depression. The level of irritability could depend on whether it’s mild depression or is in a severe form. Keep a check on your behavior and seek help if this has bene happening to you.

Constant Negativity

Life may give you lemons at times, but there’s almost always something to be thankful for. If despite your conscious efforts you are failing to look at the positive side and are focusing your thoughts on the negative things in your life, you might be depressed. Looking only at the negative aspects of every situation you are in might be a sign that you are suffering from depression.

Lack of Concentration

Depression is a serious mental illness and should be taken lightly. When your thoughts are jumbled up and you are failing to focus on your work routine and regular matters, it could be your mind’s way of telling you that it is overwhelmed and needs help.

Depression can hinder your ability to perform even light tasks so do not ignore your regular lack of concentration in routine tasks.

Chronic Pain

Various studies have shown that people suffering from depression are more prone to noticing pains in different parts of the body. A depressed mind doesn’t focus much on external stimuli and concentrates on the body itself, noticing pain more often.

If issues such as headaches, weariness, stomach issues and back pain last for a long time without any reasonable cause, you should slow down on the pain medication and have yourself examined by a psych specialist to check if depression is the actual root cause.

Excessive Social Media Use

Though social media has many benefits, it is not without its adverse effects. If you are glued to your smartphone and are always keeping tabs on your friends to see where they are spending their vacations, how they are enjoying their evening drinks at a posh bar, or their outings with their families, you might be trying to escape the real world and running away from your problems.

People suffering from depression report an increase in their obsession with social media. If this is the case with you, you might be depressed. 


When you are suffering from depression, you are more likely to worry about non-issues and doubt your capabilities. Even if you are awarded a promotion at work, you might still wonder whether you were the deserving candidate or not.

Self-doubt is crippling and can actually affect your mental and physical abilities. If you have started to doubt yourself and are in a constant state of worry, it is time to get some professional help.

Sleep Problems

A regular sleep cycle is the sign of a healthy body and mind. If you are sleeping too much or have trouble sleeping at all, this could be a sign of depression. A depressed mind has trouble setting up a normal sleep pattern and can lead to disturbed sleep patterns.

Mental illnesses should not be taken lightly. Just like the rest of the body, the mind needs proper care and enough relaxation to perform well. Above signs could be your mind’s way of telling you that it needs attention. Refer to a psychologist and talk about the changes in your behavior and sleep cycle, along with the recent changes in your personal and professional life. Even switching a job can lead to a disturbed mental cycle, so your psychologist will need this information to correctly diagnose you.  


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