The most important things you need to know about Green Tea + Matcha


What are the true benefits of green and matcha tea?

Green tea has been around for ages and is very commonly available as a hot beverage. You may not be that familiar with matcha tea though. However, if you are active on Instagram, you may have come across influencers sharing pictures of their green colored tea, a color you probably wouldn’t have seen in the tea category before.

Both green tea and matcha tea are derived from the same plant but they come in different forms. When making green tea, the tea leaves undergo a longer processing period as the leaves are first sun dried to achieve that specific look and taste. In case of matcha tea, the tea plants are kept indoors prior to picking the leaves to increase their chlorophyll levels and make them more green and fresh looking.

To make matcha tea, you need to sift one tea spoon of matcha powder into a clean bowl to remove any lumps and add one cup of hot water. Whisk it well, and voila, you have your matcha tea ready. As for green tea, you just need a cup of hot water and add the green tea bag to it.

Keep the cup covered for about a minute to let the essence of the tea thoroughly spread in the whole cup. Both kinds of tea are extremely easy to make and offer great nutritional value.

Matcha is more concentrated that regular green tea, so it’s wise to use less amount of it when making yourself a cup to get just the right taste.

Though both matcha and green tea have grassy undertones but taste quite different due to the difference in the way they are processed. Green tea comes out in dried leafy form, whereas matcha is in the form of concentrated green powder, and gives a stronger taste. Due to the increased concentration levels of chlorophyll and amino acids in matcha tea, it has way more nutritional value than regular green tea. They are both rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, and have been in use for a very long time owing to their endless benefits.

Rarely will you come across something as healthy as these for your inner health as well as general physical appearance. Green tea has been known as the secret to radiant skin forever.

Drinking green tea regularly helps keep the internal systems clean and contributes towards better inner health. Better inner health leads to better skin. Drinking green tea adds to the glow of your skin.

Green Tea Steam

You can try green tea infused steam for your face to get a natural glow. Boil some water and fill a big bowl with it. Rip open 3-4 green tea bags and empty the contents into the bowl. Stir it and put a towel over your head to steam your face. Incorporating this steaming process in your beauty routine will help clean out the pores regularly and tone your skin. The steam will open your clogged pores and make it easier for you to clear your face from whiteheads. Too much steam is not good for skin, so you shouldn’t try out this method every day.

Make it a ritual to use this method twice a week to avoid dead skin cells from accumulating on your skin and making your skin dull. It will help you get your skin to glow naturally.

Matcha Tea for Weight Loss

Obesity leads the path to a whole lot of other serious diseases. With your life revolving around your work, there’s a high chance that you are glued to your workstation for a big part of your day. This lack of physical activity takes a toll on the health in the longer run and make you gain weight. Apart from trying out light exercises in your free time to keep your weight in check, you can rely on matcha tea to help you out in such a scenario.

Drink one to two cups of matcha tea every day. You can take it instead of your regular coffee to get the desired results. Matcha tea intake along with controlled diet will help you achieve your weight loss goal faster.

For weight loss, avoid adding sugar to your tea as sugar will only add to the calorie intake and you’ll take longer too achiever your target weight.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Matcha & Green Tea

Derived from same plant, both of these are rich in antioxidants and have an inti-inflammatory effects when taken regularly. As matcha tea is more concentrated, it’ll be easier to feel the difference using matcha tea. Regular intake of this tea keeps the body alert against any serious health issues and helps fight high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Matcha tea is not a magical cure, but drinking it regularly will help maintain your health and keep the body healthy. A healthy mind and healthy body are more equipped to fight any harming bacteria.

Matcha also helps boost your energy so you can take it to recharge yourself instead of turning to energy drinks.

Reducing Teeth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth take the fun out of drinking a cold beverage or enjoying a scoop of ice cream. Wearing of the enamel layer of teeth leads to increased sensitivity and causes pain when trying to eat something too hot or too cold.

According to research, regular intake of green tea helps with teeth sensitivity. Though the research is preliminary, the health benefits of green tea cannot be denied.

Having said all this, you should understand that only relying on green tea and matcha tea is not going to make your skin and health instantly better. These are really great options for boosting your health, but you still need to take care of yourself and make your diet and lifestyle better so that clubbed with intake of green tea, you can harvest more benefits.

Also, matcha tea being way more concentrated than green tea, it is advised to take lesser amount. You can start from low intake and increase it over time and find out the best suitable amount for you.


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