Review: Unlikely Stretch Stopping Back Pain + Sciatica


Back pain is a major health issue in Western countries and 60%–80% of adults are likely to experience some form of lower back pain. This can be as a result of a number environmental and genetic reasons, but the fact of the matter is, that we rely on backs for basically everything that we do, so when we are experiencing any form of back pain, it can be of huge impact on our quality of life.

The worst thing about back pain is that as we try to endure it, unless treated properly, the problem can become worse as we try to avoid the pain as much as possible and navigate our day to day lives with poor posture and movement.

Further to this, the pharmaceutical industry has been able to take advantage of the pain that many people endure and it is of no small significance that so many Americans are currently taking unsustainable amounts of drugs for pain relief due to their backs.

At Clean Green Mind, we’ve come across a number of health care products that claim to assist with back pain and sciatica; some which work, and others that don’t.

However, one product that we’ve been incredibly impressed by, is Emily Lark’s Back to Life System.

How does it work?

The Back to Life System is a program that teaches you a series of simple stretches, movements and exercises that are designed to get rid of back pain very quickly. Based on the theory that many of us are spending a significant amount of time throughout the day sitting down, the creator of the program, Emily Lark developed these series of movements after struggling with her own back pain for years.

Conventional wisdom says you should stretch and massage your sore muscles in order to relieve back pain. But according to Emily, that approach doesn’t always work. What most people don’t realize is that it’s usually another muscle group that’s causing your pain. If your shoulders are tight, for example, it could be because your chest muscles need proper stretching.

Since most of us get back pain due to our desk/phone/computer-bound lifestyles, we all have similar imbalances and weak spots that must be addressed. The Back To Life Complete 3-Level system is designed to address these issues so you can finally be free of back pain and all the problems it causes.

And the program seems to work for a huge number of back pain sufferers. Somewhere around 100,000 people have already given it a try. And very few of them ever ask for refunds (although her refund policy is quite generous).

Who is Emily Lark?

Emily Lark is the creator of the Complete Healthy Back System. She has been a fitness and wellness coach since 2004. For over a decade she has been a highly-sought yoga and pilates instructor, teaching at studios throughout the United States. In 2014 she opened her own fitness studio with a mission of providing quality yoga and Pilates instruction to people of all income backgrounds.

According to her personal website, her life changed when she was in a serious car accident at age 12. The accident didn’t cause major injury at first, but years later she developed crippling back pain that ruined her quality of life. Doctors recommended surgery as the only solution to her pain, but she resisted. Instead, she researched all she could about back pain, and eventually found a ten-minute routine that actually worked. Before long she was pain-free and she remains in good health today.

What is the program?

The Back To Life system is based on a routine that you can do as much as you need until you find relief. Emily guides you through the routine, explaining posture and movement in detail. She shows you how to address the most common posture imbalances, and the routine also helps strengthen your core. (Core weakness is one of the biggest culprits behind back pain.)

The routine is demonstrated in videos, and you also get an ebook manual that explains things in even more detail. In addition to that, the program tells you exactly what to do to keep your back healthy and pain-free as you go about your daily life.


This system is simple and easy to follow. Instead of hours of useless fluff, you get high-quality instructional videos that get right to the point. Even though the videos aren’t very long, the instructions in them are quite impressive. It teaches you things like:

  • A 30-second ancient stretch to release your back
  • Learn how to actually do the goal post stretch (lots of people show it incorrectly on YouTube)
  • How to strengthen your core while sitting in your desk chair
  • Mental techniques to focus your attention away from your pain
  • A torso twist to “wring out” your spine
  • How to strengthen you glutes while sitting in your chair
  • The moves are simple, but she demonstrates advanced options for people who want them
  • Static stretches to release your shoulders and neck
  • A glute stretch to ease sciatica
  • How to lengthen the front and sides of your hips (your hip flexor muscles)
  • Neck stretches to combat forward head posture

You also get the “Healthy Back Checklist”, which is an ebook that tells you how to minimize strain and stress on your neck and back during your everyday life. It’s geared toward people who work at a desk, but there’s information for everybody. Topics include:

  • How to actually align your posture (you’d be surprised how many people get this wrong)
  • Steps to minimize pain and tension while working at your desk
  • The best ways to sleep if you have back pain, as well as how not to sleep
  • Spinal movements you should do each day to maintain full range-of-motion
  • Nutrition advice for staying pain free

As you can see, there is a lot of actionable information crammed into this program.

What do we like about the program?

  • It gets to the point. She tells you what you need to know and spares you all the unnecessary lectures
  • The instructional video is clear. You can tell she is an experienced instructor
  • I liked the mindfulness techniques for pain
  • You can do this program pretty much anywhere
  • Emily Lark is a real person, with her own Youtube channel and everything. (I personally think this makes her more trustworthy, but maybe that’s just me…)
  • Fits with a busy schedule

What didn’t we like?

  • Some of the movements could be too intense if you have really severe pain. If that’s the case, check with a doctor before trying this program.


Our experience with the Back to Life Complete Healthy Back System was generally an extremely positive one, and we do highly recommend this for anyone experiencing some form of back discomfort.

Even though some of these stretches and movements are well-known, the sequence is important, and I have not seen anybody else who teaches this unique method. There are plenty of testimonials on her website, which is encouraging. The program is thorough and well-researched and has the potential to help a lot of people who suffer from back pain.

If you suffer from back pain, investing in this program before you do something more drastic like surgery is a no-brainer. If you don’t take care of your back it will only get worse, especially if you do a lot of sitting. And if the program doesn’t work for whatever reason, you can easily refund it.

To see the stretch, click here or watch the video below.

Note this is a sponsored recommendation


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