Weight Loss Supplements – Do They Work?


Everything you’ve been wanting to know about weight loss supplements.

The weight-loss world has come up with an array of different ways in which to lose weight. Ranging from drastic calorie-reducing diets to complete fasting. For people really trying their hardest to lose weight, it is understandable that many people will try everything there is to try. In saying that, the dieting industry is one of the world’s biggest and most successful industries in the world. That is why it is important to thoroughly research these ideas to make sure that you are not investing your hard-earned money into something that is personally ineffective or that simply does not work. Weight loss supplements are big player’s in the dieting world, with the marketing of these products claiming extensive weight loss. Below will be an outline of their effectiveness and how and if they actually assist in shifting excess weight.  

Weight loss supplements can come in many forms. From powders to pills to teas and bars, all of which promote their ability to assist you in losing weight. The marketing of these products is usually their biggest selling point. It is legal to claim almost anything in regard to these products and their effectiveness, without any studies or statistics to back these claims up. Most claims revolve around their ability to suppress appetite, boost metabolism, reduce body fat and the macronutrient absorbance. Many of these products contain a high level of ingredients, most of which are widely unknown by the everyday population.

It is widely understood that incorporating diet and weight loss tactics into daily life can be difficult, more so for some than others, making the idea of weight loss supplements highly desirable. This is why statistics suggest that over $2.1 billion America dollars are spend on weight loss supplements annually.

Simply speaking, weight loss pills rely on caffeine and/or green tea to speed up your metabolism. A compound found in caffeine and green tea called EGCG [epigallocatechin gallate], is said to suppress appetite and speed up the body’s metabolic rate, increasing the chance of weight loss. In saying that, this is only said to assist in weight loss when partnered with exercise and healthy eating. Studies have suggested that weight loss supplements alone are not going to help much in the weight loss department. It is also important to be aware of the fact that the main ingredient in these supplements is stimulant based. If you are someone who already consumes a lot of caffeine, be aware of the amount of caffeine in these pills. 

Having too much caffeine on a daily basis can lead to debilitating side effects, including headaches, stomach pains, nausea and dizziness. Some cases have even resulted in death when the person taking the pills greatly exceeded the recommended dosage. Remember to always follow instructions carefully, and heed warnings. Other common ingredients in weight loss pills include Calcium, Bitter Orange, Beta-Glucans, African Mango, Chitosan, Chromium and Conjugated Linoleic Acid.

Fat Binders are another form of weight loss supplement. Fat binders are said to “bind” the fat in your stomach, so that you do not absorb it, but rather pass it like you do normal bodily waste. Unfortunately, the jury is out on fat binders, with most dieticians claiming the inability for them to do anything at all to your body to increase its ability to lose weight.

Due to the fact that most supplements contain a low-level of many different ingredients, studies find it hard to determine the effectiveness of these supplements on weight loss. Most studies conclude that more research is needed to determine whether it is worth your time and money to take these pills and whether or not they are in fact having a negative impact on the body.

It is important to come to the realization that there is no miracle pill to make you lose weight; you still have to try hard, exercise and eat right. If you are wanting to give weight loss supplements a go, having the right outlook and a rational approach towards the pills is the perfect way to begin taking them. Be ready to accept that they may not have a profound impact on your weight loss journey.

It is also worthy to note that there have been cases where they have helped people shift weight, especially around the four-five week mark of trying to lose weight. This time period is known as the weight loss plateau, after being able to shift weight easy, this is when it starts to become difficult. This is the time that a weight loss supplement may be highly beneficial for you, by speeding up the metabolism, keeping you focused and inspired.

Generally speaking, there has been little to no research on these products, whether they are herbal supplements or prescription weight loss helpers. The only thorough research that has been conducted across many fields is the effects of regular exercise and a well-balanced, healthy diet and their effects on weight loss. These factors are a sure way to loss weight and to sustainably keep the weight off and under control. Weight loss supplements can help in that they keep your mind focused on what you are eating and to keep you focused on your weight loss journey.


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