What To Eat After You Workout? Read This


Workouts generally use up a lot of energy and bodily resources. After an intense exercise routine, your body needs to rebuild some essentials, such as glycogen, fluids and electrolytes. Choosing the right foods after your workout is essential in maintaining energy levels and nutritional levels within the body, while also speeding up recovery time and muscle growth.

More often than not, people put in a lot more effort when it comes to the pre workout meal, neglecting the importance of the post work out meal. When you exercise, your body will need certain proteins and glycogen stores to fuel the bodies exertion.

Putting the right amount of nutrition back into the body will help to restore lost fuels, avoid muscle soreness, build upon muscles, replenishes glycogen and improves the functioning of the immune system. Macronutrients, such as carbs, proteins and fats will help you to restore, repair and recover the body after a workout.


Carbohydrates are said to be one of the best macronutrients to put back into your body post workout. They help with recovery and the replenishment of glycogen stores within the muscles and body. Consuming carbs at least 45 minutes after exercising gives you the best chance at rapidly recovering glycogen levels. Carbohydrates such as quinoa, sweet potatoes, bananas, berries, pineapple, rice, oatmeal, pasta, potatoes, as well as dark, leafy vegetables are all great choices when it comes to replenishing the body after a workout. Eating protein and carbohydrates within the same meal is said to speed up recovery time even more.

Sweet potatoes and regular potatoes are said to increase immunity levels that may drop during an intense workout. Whole-grain bread is also a great post workout food. High-quality carbs found in whole-grain breads and grains will help to replenish your muscles. Carbs are more than likely to be used after a workout, so don’t worry too much about high-carb foods being stored as fat. Kale is another great addition to your meals post workout. This is due to kale’s high antioxidant properties, which is great for reducing inflammation.


Protein works to repair and build upon the muscles. Working out takes a toll on muscles within the body, with protein within the muscles being broken down during training. Eating protein after exercise will help to build on the amino acids it requires to repair this break down within the muscles, while also establishing a basis for new growth. Proteins such as eggs, Greek yoghurt, salmon, chicken, tuna and cottage cheese are all beneficial to muscle repair and growth post work out. Eggs are a particularly good choice for the post workout meal.

They help to build on muscle gain and protein synthesis after a workout, which is especially good for those looking to build bigger muscles. Salmon is also a very good post workout food. This is due to the high levels of omega-3 found in the fatty fish. It is said to reduce levels of muscle soreness. Studies have also suggested that omega 3 can help build upon protein synthesis found in muscles.


Do not resist fat within your diet completely. Having a level of fat within your meal post workout has said to be beneficial to muscular growth. While consuming a high-fat diet can reduce the rate of digestion, it does not mean that the positive effects of the food will be dismissed. Fats that are good to consume post workout include Avocados, nuts, nut butters and trail mixes. Avocados are a great post workout pick. They are very high in potassium, which is perfect for pain and cramp-free muscles. Nuts are also a post workout recovery snack. This is due to their ability to increase levels of glycogen within the body. Eating within the first 45 minutes of a workout is the best way to ensure that these foods will assist in the replenishment of muscles and the body overall.

After a good workout it is also important to keep up hydration. You can boost hydration through foods as well. Adding a salad of spinach and iceberg lettuce to your carbohydrate or protein is a good way to replenish lost electrolytes. Watermelon, cucumbers, bananas, and radishes are also high in fluids and electrolytes, so consider them when thinking of what to add to your meals. If you plan on exercising again within 12 hours, it is a good idea to consider an electrolyte drink. Staying properly hydrated will help with your recovery and can assist in keeping excessive hunger after a workout at bay.

Working out and hard exercise can be tough on the body. To keep pushing forward and to handle what we put it through, the body uses up a lot of energy and proteins necessary for optimum function. Therefore, it is so important to put hat is lost during a workout back in. Macronutrients, carbohydrates, fat and protein are the three essentials that should be eaten after a workout.

These three food groups will replenish muscles, help muscles to grow, assist in avoiding cramping, injury and pain, while also building up glycogen. Eating these foods within the first 45 minutes post workout is the best way to ensure a fast recovery. Staying hydrated is also a necessity after a workout and measures should be taken to ensure that the body is fully hydrated, especially before another workout.


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